ARC Review

ARC Review: Bride for a Day by Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown’s Bride for a Day

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Pages: 226

Heat Level:

(Sweet Romance where no sex scenes appear on the page but is mentioned. The reader is given no details.)


Cassie O’Malley has had a rough start to life. After her mother’s death she has spent 4 years in the care of an abusive foster father and at 20 she finds herself evading the law when her foster father accuses her of theft. Ted Wellman is her knight in shining armor when he provides her with a cover story that allows her to escape from the law but she becomes Mrs. Wellman…

Carolyn Brown’s Bride for the Day takes the reader to a small Oklahoma town and drops you into a warm, welcoming, Catholic family that, with the help of some thoughtful spirits, gives you a fun read about two people who find they have more to look forward to in life than just survival. 

The power of family, love and learning to let go drives these characters on a moving journey as they decide if either of them really want Cassie to be a bride for just a day. This book is a newer version of an older release. 

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