March Releases to be Excited About

As always, every time you see a list like this you should remember that these are my own opinions, so remember the old saying “beauty is the in the eye of the beholder.” To be clear, when I’m building this list first I look through the release announcements on Good Reads and on Amazon. If I’m interested after reading the blurb then I read the sample pages. So yeah, that old saying about judging a book by the cover is quite true because I’m more likely to read the blurb or sample pages if the cover caught my eye. Having said that let’s get down to the March releases I’m excited about.

The Dragon Prince’s Secret by Elva Birch

This is book 4 in the Royal Dragons of Alaska series. Last month I took my first steps into the werewolf shifter romance world and I haven’t looked back. A whole new world was opened up with the shifter genre. This series is a dragon shifter romance that takes place in an alternate version of Alaska.

Combing magic with real places Elva Birch creates a world setting that is both familiar and fantastical that I love. What’s not to love about a world where someone can be an accountant and be magical at the same time?!

I love a woman with sass who doesn’t take things lying down. So when I read that the main character, Rachel, was a single mom making lemonade out of the lemons life had handed her I was intrigued.

This book is supposed to be a funny feel-good romance, so when I’m feeling light and free (or just a need to be) this should hit the spot.

The Suite Spot by Trisha Doller

I hadn’t heard of the “Girl on Top” series but they had me at badass lady cop infiltrates crime syndicate. I am curious how this enemies to lovers story will resolve itself when the MMC is a reluctant crime boss assumably under investigation for crimes committed while his father was leading the syndicate.

Now that I have embraced the idea that shifter romance is more than just werewolves I’m facinated by bear shifters. This second chance romance looks interesting mainly because I’ve heard of the fated mates troupe in wolf lore but not in bear shifter romances. So curiousity has be piqued.

This is book 1 of the Dufort Dynasty trilogy. It’s a billionaire romance trope with an interesting twist. Instead of the billionaire being one thunderbolt short of an Olympian god he’s actually the victim in the story but hopefully not for long…

I’m assuming that each of the three brothers will get a book in the series.

This is book 2 of the Warrior Elite series by VT Bonds. Book 1 Rescused and Ruined came out January 2022. V.T. Bonds’ series gives me Star Wars vibes but basically if you got a behind the scenes look at what happened to captives who were not Princess Leia. This series is dark and not for the faint of heart. The trigger warnings would start with violence and sexual slavery and keep going from there, so consider yourselves warned.

If you saw a new book and think it should be added to the list reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook and let me know. I’m always looking for new authors to check out.

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