ARC Review

Seal’s Surprise Daughter by Katie Knight & Leslie North

Katie Knight‘s Seal’s Surprise Daughter

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Page Count: 253

Heat Level:

(Sexy scenes are present and take place on the page but aren’t frequent)


Seal team member Gabriel finds himself hesitantly on the way back to his hometown while on leave. He hasn’t visited the town once since he left after his entire family was killed in a car accident. A year ago he tried closing the chapter on his grief but instead got lost in a one night stand. So for the second time Gabriel finds himself at a DC train station, deciding whether or not to actually make the trip to his hometown, when he gets a phone call telling him that there is more than just bad memories waiting for him. His one night stand has been killed in his hometown leaving behind his surprise daughter. That’s all Gabriel needs to kick his butt into gear and board the train to his home town.

Once there he sees that his daughter isn’t alone. She has a lioness protector and godmother, Charlotte. As if learning to parent while navigating the legal barriers involved in claiming his daughter wasn’t enough, Gabriel finds out there is another man claiming to be the child’s father and he’s the man his ex was running from in the first place. Katie Knight’s Seal’s Surprise Daughter takes the reader on a wild ride that when you think the story gets boring Katie Knight throws a fierce curve ball.

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