Book Review

Claimed By The Hunter By Lynnea Lee

Lynnea Lee‘s Xarc’n Warriors Series

Imagine the world has lost a galactic odds game, when a single ship of carnivorous space bugs make a chance landing on Earth and within months wipe out most of the living beings on the planet. Lee adds another alien species into the mix with the Xarc’n warriors, following on the heels of the space bug invasion.

So the story of the Xarc’n warriors isn’t so simple. Earth’s leaders found it suspicious that they showed up months after the space bugs did and fed their suspicions to the lay people, but they were only half right. Both the Xarc’n warriors and the space were created by the same now extinct species starting an intergalactic cage match where winner decides the fate of a planet. The different thing about Earth is our female population seems to trigger the mating instinct in the Xarc’n warriors, introducing a new drive they’ve never experienced.


Genre: Sci-fi Romance, Alien Romance

Heat Level:

(Sex scenes are on the page, frequent and spicy)

Page Count: 193 pages

The series has 8 books in the original character setting (so far) and a spin off series that takes place out west is already going.

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