Book Review

Love, Laugh, Lich by Katie Prior

I liked this story because it wasn’t a normal monster. If you listen to our podcast ep. 2 then you know that Twilight KILLED vampire romance for me and I’m still traumatized, so it was nice to have a monster I’d never heard of in a romance. A Lich is an undead being that was probably originally a human but now has magical necromancer abilities.

The second thing that makes this book so interesting is the premise of the story, that being evil has become a business and in the Lich’s effort to be as efficiently evil as possible he is now basically the CEO of his own evil empire. So now I’ve got a steamy office romance with an undead male protagonist and it is hilariously pulled off. The only thing I dinged the book for was I would have liked a better ending.


Genre: paranormal romance, monster romance

Heat Rating:

(Sex scenes are on the page but not frequent)

Page Count: 87

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