Experience Kindle Vella for FREE!

Image by Kevin Schneider from Pixabay

Amazon has been pretty generous so far with giving away the 200 Kindle Vella Token packs but October 5 until October 11, 2022 they are taking that giving spirit one step further! Readers can unlock up to 100 episodes each day!! So it’s sort of like Christmas came early for Kindle Readers.

Unfortunately it’s not a complete free for all. There are rules, limitations etc. They’re not expanding the program outside of the U.S. so if you couldn’t read Kindle Vella Stories before you still can’t during this promotional period. Sorry non U.S. folks! You’re still out in the cold.

Picture by Geralt

So hop to it guys! Read all the stories, check out new authors, try new genres! It’s free for fucks sake so you’ve got no excuse anymore.

If you’re looking for some ideas on some Vella stories to check out have a listen to the Romance and Carrying On Podcast Ep. 2 “The Case for Kindle Vella” and check out the stories of Nikki Rome and Amber Elzinga!

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