Book Review

Her Orc King By Zoe Ashwood

Book 1 in Zoe Ashwood‘s Black Bear Clan Series

Kicking off the Spooktober Reading Month we have Zoe Ashwood’s monster romance Her Orc King. This is book 1 in her Black Bear Clan Series. It has a HEA, no cliff hangers, and delivers on the hot and spicy.

Not everything is as you’d first assume in Zoe Ashwood’s Orc Kingdom. Men and Orcs seem to live side by side in peace with a thriving trade and and interspecies “co-mingling”.

In addition to the awesome cover the thing that stood out for me with this book was the complex nature of the Orc King. Having gone through his fair share of darkness he emerges a compassionate, honest and fierce male lead. I love a strong and emotionally put together male lead character who also knows how to please a woman.


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Monster Romance

Heat Rating:

(Sex scenes are explicit, frequent and on the page)

Page Count: 203

Book 2
Coming October 7, 2022!
Book 3
Coming November 11, 2022!

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