Book Review

Savage Justice by Penelope Wylde

Book Review Savage Justice byPenelope Wylde
Book 1 of the Sons of Bratva Savages Series by Penelope Wilde

Ares, “the god of war,” sees the world as his for the taking, but he’s got to take care of some old problems first. He’s a complicated guy, full of the normal contradictions in the “good guy” mafia man, but Wylde does a good job balancing that line and creating a complex and engaging male lead.

Savage Justice combines two of my favorite sub-genres: Motorcycle Clubs and Dark Mafia romances. Penelope Wylde adds a cherry on top with female protagonist Nova Masters, a kick ass self sufficient woman on a mission to save her sister.

Rounding out the list of characters are a motley crew of bad ass motorcycle club members that I can only hope we’ll see in the coming books.

Trigger warnings: This is a dark romance so human trafficking, abuse, torture and threats of rape are present.


Genre: Mafia Romance/Motorcycle Romance

Heat Level:

(sex scenes are on the page, frequent and contain BDSM/kink aspects)

Page Count: 370

There are more books in the Sons of Bratva Savages Series!

Book 3 Coming October 24 2022

Book 4 Coming January 2023
Book 5 Coming February 2023

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