Book Review

Review: The Girl in the Mist by Kristen Ashley

Genre: Suspense, Romance

 Publisher: Rock Chick Press

Pages: 512

Heat Level:


Delphine LaRue is a famous television star who finds herself the target of a crazed fan that kidnaps other cast members from her show and tortures them. The remaining members of the television show are placed into protective custody with their own protective details. Delphine soon finds out that the small town her detail has chosen isn’t so sleepy and has all the issues of a large city. Heading her protective detail is Cade Bohannan and his two sons. Cade is pretty much a taciturn, closed book of a man who seems to have a lot of trouble expressing his feelings. He does anger well but when he’s expressing his feelings towards Delphine he seems to be able to turn it on/off at will. 

This was my first book by Kristen Ashley and as a suspense I loved it. Her writing gave away only what you needed to keep reading while trying to figure out where the next twist was going to come from. I think calling it a romance is a stretch since the story is focused more on the issue of the crazy person trying to kill Delphine and there isn’t much development of the feelings between the FMC and MMC. You get Delphine’s point of view and her frustrations and when the two do get together it’s fairly hot. I think I’ll be checking out some of her other books to read too. So if you’re looking for a suspenseful read with a side of romance I would recommend The Girl in the Mist!   

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