ARC Review

ARC Review: White Boyfriend by LeeSha McCoy

Genre: Chick Lit.

Publisher: Bookouture

Page Count: 328

Heat Level

(naughty sex scenes take place off page with only enough details to spark the imagination)


At first glance Nikki is a successful woman with a good job, a happy home and a solid 5 year plan, but when her long term boyfriend breaks up with her she realizes she’s not as happy as she thought she was. 

White Boyfriend is the story of Nikki finding herself and growing into the person she wants to be. Backed by her 3 closest girlfriends Nikki starts her journey to find happiness. True happiness with herself that comes from knowing yourself, balancing setting boundaries with stepping outside of your comfort zone.

During this journey she meets Mike, her complete opposite in personality. Where she’s organized and well planned he goes with the flow and doesn’t plan beyond today. He’s outdoorsy and adventurous while she’s more of a Netflix and Chill kind of woman. The thing is the two have some undeniable chemistry…

Leesha McCoy has created a world of hilarious characters. The close knit group of women surrounding Nikki are supportive but able to give her a kick in the pants when she needs some tough love. The camaraderie really made the book a winner! Fingers crossed that we get a book 2 telling Alicia’s story!

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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