Amazon Freebies to Curl Up With

There are a lot of reasons you might find yourself at home this Valentine’s Day but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some free books to curl up with over the holiday. To be considered for this list the books had to be a full length novel or a collection of novellas. Second, the list was limited to recent releases and finally I had to like the book. One disclaimer: these books were free when I wrote the blog. That doesn’t mean they will always be free.

M.E. Clayton’s The Order of the Cronus Series Book 1: Typhon

M.E. Clayton new adult series The Order of Cronus Series starts out shrouded in mystery. I didn’t expect that from a contempory college setting but the world building is masterfully executed in a way that the reader has half a mind trying to figure out where the next twist is going to come from. I was completely wrapped up in a world of secret societies and it’s only a taste of the world. Book 2 is a good deal at $2.99. Stay tuned for a full review in a later post but trigger warnings include: consensual non consent, rough (still consensual) sex.

Melissa McClone’s A Keeper At Heart Series Book 1 The Groom

Melissa McClone has achieved the unicorn of sweet and wholesome romances. The characters are off the charts in terms of chemistry, the dialogue is hilarious and I laughed out loud so many times (and I wasn’t always alone) that I finished the book in one sitting! Millie Kincaid (FMC) is a three dimensional, fully aware woman whose virginity isn’t the be all end all defining characteristic of her being. She has sass and is able to stand up for herself. I just loved her. Book 2 is looking like a smash hit as well at just $0.99! So be sure to check this sweet second chance at love romance series A Keeper at Heart.

Allyson Lindt’s Heat for the Holidays Anthology

What’s better than one free book? A collection of them of course! Allyson Lindt’s anthology of novellas are spicy, polyamorous little nuggets will definitely warm you up on a cold winter night. The thing that stood out about them was the realistic depiction of a poly-relationship including the struggles polyamorous people can face when telling their families. While the novellas were short glimpses into the characters’ lives the reader receives a fully fleshed out character with goals, dreams and hardships that include their partners but don’t begin and end with their sexual attitude. Each story is a stand alone so you can start anywhere.

Before you go grab some wine or your favorite drink, grab a new book and curl up with a naughty or nice book. Tell me which one you picked to try out! I’m on Facebook under Romance & Carrying On Podcast and my Twitter and Reddit links are at the start of the blog.


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