How to Find a Rip-Roaring Romance Podcast Tip #4

The book wrap-up has gotten a lot of hate recently and I get it. People now a days have major issues with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), and when we see someone who reads 27 books a month it’s hard to not feel like a slacker. My argument is that instead of thinking of the book wrap up as a call to keep up with the BookTube community, remind yourself that we’re grown men and women who are fully capable of managing a budget. You don’t have to buy every book. Support your local library, buy used, swap books with friends, etc. You don’t have to blame the wrap-up because only you have the power to press the buy button on the next book.

Try to think of the wrap-up as a world of possibilities. Channel that inner Willy Wonka and embrace the wish list. Don’t be afraid to veto books you see someone else loved. Be ruthless when you rank which books you want to spend your hard earned cash on. Embrace the book wrap-up by seeing as a way to window shop without being required to buy anything.

Books wrap-ups are another thing you can look forward to from the Romance and Carrying On Podcast so stay tuned! You can also now follow me, Janette Gellar on Twitter under the handle @janettegellar.

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