How to Find a Rip-Roaring Romance Podcast Tip #1

If you have been in with the BookTube, Booktok or Bookstagram community for very long you have probably felt like you’re seeing deja vu fairly often. Since you clicked on this blog you’re finally ready to take the red pill and get yourself out of the Matrix. This series of blog posts will give you a few tips on how to find a Romance podcast that’s different from other podcasts.

It seems that once we in the book community get a whiff of the next great thing the discussion transforms into a resonating chamber, all recommending the same books with the speed of a jabberjay.

Now don’t get me wrong, I too have found some great book gems in the book community rumble but do we all have to recommend the same books? Publishing Perspectives reported 16.2 million romance ebooks and print books were sold in early 2020. They weren’t all the same 50 books and I want to know about those stories as well.

The Game Has Changed Y’All

The Indie publishing sphere of influence is expanding and cannot be relegated to the back of the bus like some second class citizen (Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day if you’re reading this in real time). It’s a whole new ball game and in this age of publishing we have a lot of authors who are publishing with shall we say limited means. That means we book lovers need to spend a little more time sifting through the now copious number titles that are coming out at the speed of Netflix.

So step out of the resonating chamber and take a walk on the wild side with me, Janette Gellar, host of the Romance and Carrying On Podcast, starting in just a few days in February 2022.

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